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5 Expert Ways to Upgrade Your Dining Area

Undoubtedly, the dining room is the heart of your home, it can make or break the quality of your lifestyle. Whether your family still adheres to the tradition of having three meals a day together around the table or you love to invite friends over for dinner, updating your dining area is a value-for-money. 

From minor tweaks such as color-match accessories to swapping old chairs with stylish dining chairs, so much can be done to inject new life into your dining space.

Here, in this article, we have round-up five expert tips to refresh your dining area and make a bold statement at your upcoming social gathering,

#1 Modern Dining Chairs

Comfortable and modern dining chairs are a must, whether you frequently host dinner parties or strictly follow the tradition of family mealtime together three times a day. The most common arrangement is all matching chairs around the table that seamlessly goes with the decor.

If you want an extraordinary look that renders a wow feeling, then mix and match dining chairs is the best approach.

There are numerous options of dining chairs for every home decor style, spanning from mid-century, Scandinavian to fabric to metal dining chairs.

#2 Roll Out a Rug

Never make the mistake of a rug too small, otherwise, when you pull the chair, the rug will be disarranged. Opt for a statement rug that is oversized to improve the entire dining space.

The stripes are bold and give a glamorous feel, all this is what you are looking for when hosting a fabulous dinner party. Not to mention, a rug protects your wooden flooring from scratches and food spills. 

#3 Light it Up

Light up to completely transform your dining room. So, why not liven up space with a statement light price. Whether it is a colorful-dotted lamp, an oversized pendant light, or fairy light adorning the walls, there are plenty of lighting options to make your dining room feel special.

If you want your dining room to have a neutral feel, consider adding some character with a vivid drum shade. For a little bit of glam, consider installing a geometric fixture. The English street lanterns will give a more relaxed dining feel.

#4 Colour-Match Accessories

Color-match the accessories for a seamless feel, right from tea towels to mugs, cups, and plates. The whole idea is to create a theme that is comprehensive throughout the dining room.

The collection of red glassware chimes will mesmerizingly go with red in the artwork. Deep brass metalwork presents a rich feel, and grey wallpaper adds a luxe appeal.

#5 Add Retro Hues

Don’t be afraid of second-hand stuff, there are so many items in the local antique shops to adorn your dining room.

The retro drop-leaf table flower vase will add a classic touch to your dining room. Wall artworks will add texture to the space. Mix and match both contemporary & vintage pieces to create a room that appeals to everyone.

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