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Best Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

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Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

The kitchen island is often the central part of the room, so enhancing it with the right light is essential.

The great popularity of modern open spaces leads us to pay detailed attention to today’s kitchen designs and their lighting schemes. 

Not only does it need to be bright enough for cooking and food preparation, but also to satisfy all the activities that take place there.

Read this blog to discover some interesting lighting ideas and find the one best suits your kitchen style.

1. Pendant lamps

A kitchen dining table with 6 hours and 2 couches

If you enjoy peeking at interior design magazines or maybe love getting inspired by Pinterest, you’re probably already familiar with pendant lights, as they are the top-rated lighting choice.

Lighting the kitchen island with a classic or structured pendant will make your space look more elegant and welcoming.

Here the motto “less is more” does not apply because using more lamps will furnish the space functionally and aesthetically.

2. LED ceiling lamps

A kitchen with a dining table and 6 chairs and a black countertop

If you love the minimalist decor, here is a unique solution to give style to your modern or contemporary kitchen. 

LED strip lights, also known as LED tape lights, are a simple and great way to create ambient lighting in a room. 

Convenient and easy to install, they are often used in island kitchens to give greater prominence to their structure.

Furthermore, LED lights are more environmentally friendly than other lights, making them even more perfect for use.

3. Non Identical lamps

A kitchen with grey-ish drawers and three grey chairs, and a black round table

Who said that only identical lamps could hang over a kitchen island?

Using different lamps is probably the most unique of every kitchen island lighting idea. Daring with shapes and colors gives the entire space a playful style. 

Various types of lighting evoke specific emotions by creating an atmosphere for each environment. 

Here, the important thing to consider is illuminating the area uniformly, avoiding annoying discolorations or strong lights.

We suggest you use different lamps with similar structures or similar colors.

4. A single lamp

A kitchen with white and brown drawers, white chairs, and a brown dining table

Many love the slightly retro style of the classic lamp used as the main point of the kitchen.

Don’t worry; you can still dare with unique and elegant models available.

The secret is to use a chandelier with an appropriate diameter: look for a specific model, and try to balance its parameters with the size of the island.

A lamp that is too small would risk looking weird.

5. Vintage metal chandeliers

White kitchen drawers and an air conditioner on top of the drawers

If your kitchen has a simple design, inserting an element that catches the eye is a good idea to liven it up. 

A vintage-style metal chandelier characterized by eccentric shapes and old-style lines is ideal for this purpose. 

Placing it above the island, in a central position, will quickly make it the protagonist of the kitchen and give character to the space.

6. Traditional and elegant glass chandeliers 

A kitchen with white tiles, white drawers and white chairs

An essential but chic design differentiates the traditional glass lamps from metal structures.

Thanks to the simplicity of the lines, elements with this aspect go well with interiors of different styles, interfering with the traditional and contemporary vision. 

The glass’s transparency allows you to see the bulb, which must therefore be chosen carefully, opting for versions with sophisticated shapes.

In addition, the bright and shiny materials these chandeliers are made of add a touch of glamor to the kitchen, making it an elegant space.

7. Hanging glass bulbs 

A kitchen with black drawers, black table, and white chairs

The exposed light bulbs are a solution that adapts to different kitchen islands due to their essentiality.

For this kind of use, you should use bulbs with a pleasant appearance that do not bother the eye when they are on.

There are those of different sizes, functions, and purposes available on the market, even oversized dimensions, for a more striking effect. 

There is also a lot of variety in the shapes, from perfect spheres to irregular shapes such as teardrop bulbs.

8. Tapered white cascading lamps 

A living room and a kitchen

These unique lamps are the modern solution to lighten and decorate your kitchen island simultaneously.

A series of perfect white cylinders arranged evenly along the kitchen island produce a contemporary and lively effect, appearing as a cascade of lights that bring joy and lightness.

The shape of chandeliers generates a very defined beam of light on the top of the island, so placing more than one to illuminate the entire surface is necessary.


These are only some of many kitchen island lighting ideas. Whether you have a small or large space, you can always experiment with different styles until you find the one that compliments your kitchen best. 

Don’t forget to have some fun with your pendant selection and enjoy the decorating process!