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Leather Furniture: Everything You Need To Know

Leather is the most luxurious material for furnishing a home. Not only does it feel great to sit on,  but leather furniture also provides an elegant and classy look that will make your living space stand out among others! Leather varieties are wide in quality or processing time needed before being made into something functional or beautiful.

How to decorate with Leather Furniture

Leather is a long-lasting and elastic material that has been used for centuries to produce furnishings. If you’re looking at leather as an investment because it will last through years of use without stretching out too much, choose wisely! Some people prefer leather to other materials, and there’s no shortage of options for those looking! The quality depends on what you’re going to do with it. Determine the best type of leather for you by learning its varieties in our guide.


Premium leather with a natural look and the most sought-after texture among all types is the fullgrain, considered pure aniline. It’s expensive because it comes from processed materials. The compound of this kind can vary depending upon how scars, folds, or wrinkles are highlighted to stand out more brightly against their coloration, ranging from light browns to black tones.


This sub-premium is an excellent balance between protection and beauty. It has the same soft feel as full aniline leather, but it’s been colored to give you more options for combinations. What makes semi-aniline special, for starters, is the addition of having protection! The topcoat provides durable scratch resistance, and it’s usually mid-price. 


Pigmented leather is more durable than correct-grain, but it still needs some additional preparation before use. It’s mainly utilized for affordable furniture since this material offers better protection against stains and soil compared to higher quality alternatives.


Nubuck is a durable and water-resistant type of leather with an appealing look due to its softness. It can be categorized as decorative because it comes from the top layer, usually smoother than regular. This makes them more resistant to liquids. Only heavy oil-based spills tend to penetrate these fabrics.


If you aspire for a luxury and inexpensive furniture material to add consistency and beauty to your home décor, suede is likely the perfect material. This durable leather provides a rich feel with its soft touch. Suede is the decorative leather of many items, but it’s not well-suited for high-traffic furniture since it is difficult to clean.

Bi-Cast Leather

Bi-cast leather is cheap and easy to clean. However, it slightly resembles authentic leather. Its relative brittleness makes this material less suitable for furniture as it is prone to splitting, peeling, and cracking. However, if you’re looking out for some budget-friendly alternatives, then bi-cast will do just fine. The only benefits of this material for furnishings are the costs and effortless cleaning. 

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is a cheaper alternative to bi-cast. It’s affordable, easy for the longevity of other items except for furniture, and some formulations are durable enough. All leftover bits from other processes mixed with bonding other synthetic materials and some coloring create the artificial texture of bonded leather.

Final Tips

Leather furniture is an acquisition intended to last for years, so it’s essential to choose the right  type of material and style. To find the perfect leather furniture in Royal Palm Beach, you need to balance affordability and your taste. Some people prefer consistent coloring, while others enjoy seeing how their color changes over time with aniline dyeing or Vintage styles showing wearand-tear signs. If chosen wisely, leather pieces can also make great upholstery choices since they add character to any home decorating scheme!