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The Best Dining Room Tables In 2022

Dining rooms are designed as multipurpose spaces in 2022, both for dining and entertainment. A dining room can be tricky to transform, but it can significantly change with the right design trends. One of the latest trends is to have an open kitchen that flows into the dining room. This creates a light area perfect for entertaining guests or hosting a family meal. Another trend is to use metal backsplashes in the kitchen because they complement any countertops and add some sparkle and glam to your dining area.

General Types of Dining Room Tables you can expect this year:

1) Family-style dining 

The best dining room tables in 2022 will have more seating options with tables and chairs.

2) The kitchen in the spotlight 

The kitchen is the contemporary focal point of many homes, but it won’t be just a central utility room. Homeowners are choosing to make the kitchen more visible by moving walls to open up a space that still includes room for dining and gathering.

3) Contemporary rustic 

If you aspire for a new innovative look, consider blending contemporary design with rustic elements like reclaimed timber, natural stone, or even woven reed mats on the floor.

4) Multifunctional Spaces 

People are looking for more flexible dining spaces. Limestone counters are a popular material choice because they’re stylish, durable, and easy to clean.

1: The Modern Multifunction Table

The modern multifunction table is a trend that will continue to grow in 2022. Since people are constantly aiming at comfy small apartments, having the same table as a top-quality desk during the day and the best dining room table at night is the latest tendency. Owning tables that serve many purposes is vital. For example, a multifunctional table that could serve as a workspace, dining space, and spot to enjoy a cup of coffee is a lifesaver. It might also have an adjustable height, serving as a desk or additional storage space. A significant reason for this trend is that it saves space which is especially important in small living spaces. Moreover, they’ve been considered the best dining room tables because they save money and can easily blend in with other furniture within the room. 

2: Round Tables

Round tables are another trend in dining rooms expected to thrive in 2022. These tables create a more personal feel and make it easier for families to chat. Guests will also have a more engaging experience because they will be able to see other guests rather than just those on either side of them, like with traditional rectangular tables. Round tables are great for any size room and can be used in homes and restaurants.

Therefore, round tables are a popular choice for many dining room designers, whether they have a project for formal settings or casual meetings.

3: Wooden Tables

There are many trends in dining room furniture, but the most classic ones that keep resisting time are the wooden tables. Wooden tables have been around for centuries, and they’re a classic choice because of their simplistic style. Still, regardless of cultural customs or preferences, people adore wooden furniture from everywhere. While many people use wood to make tables, these days, wood can come in different colors, such as espresso or walnut. This means that there’s a color to suit any design preference. Adding a wooden table and chairs makes it look like it belongs in a farmhouse, but you can also get one with two sides extending the table out to seat more people.

4: Marble Table

One of the dining room trends expected to be popular in 2022 is an open kitchen with a marble table. With this trend, the kitchen does not need to be separated from the dining area and can flow together, maximizing space. The marble can be used as a tabletop or on the walls behind the table. It is an elegant design that has been popular for centuries. There are multiple colors and textures available, which can complement any style of décor. Marble makes a glamorous statement in your dining room, is easy to clean, and requires zero maintenance. In other words, it’s perfect.

5: Glassy Tables

Glassy tables are a luxury trend that will likely be widespread in 2022. Because the tabletop can be transparent, you can have a beautiful vase full of flowers right on your dining room table. The tabletops in most dining rooms are typically made of wood or other hard surfaces. Glass tables are a new trend emerging in the marketplace. These tables are light and almost transparent, giving them an airy feel to the room.


As you can see, many dining room trends are coming in 2022. Whether you want to add more color or make your kitchen bigger, plenty of options are available. We can expect to see more natural tones like linen and dove gray paired with brass, nickel, and light wood for dining rooms in 2022. Those who want contemporary decor may opt for dark wood or black-painted furniture. Based on what we’ve seen in recent years, there will be a significant push for wood and natural materials. The focus will be on creating more intimate spaces, and diners will enjoy being able to have more personal interactions with their food. This has been happening due to remote work and home-office movement for the past three years.